Alice Tully Hall
at Lincoln Center
Broadway & 65th Street
New York, NY

About the Chef




Anthony Verga

Anthony Verga is the new Executive Chef at the Upper West Side hot spot - Arpeggio Food & Wine, at Lincoln Center.


Arpeggio Food & Wine is an elegant full-service restaurant and wine bar combining private and communal tables for an upscale and upbeat dining experience.  In addition to offering full lunch and dinner menus, Chef Verga and his staff prepare an extensive list of artisanal cheeses and cured meats in full view of guests, who can enjoy Arpeggio’s extensive library of outstanding local and global wines.


Inspired by daily walks in local markets searching for the best ingredients, and incorporating products he grows himself, Chef Verga brings a modern and intriguing twist to Mediterranean seasonal comfort food.


Anthony Verga received his formal culinary training and degree from the French Culinary Institute and the N.Y.I.T. Culinary Arts Program. He also has a strong focus on studying international wines and local organic and sustainable farming. His passion for true culinary art has taken him through gold medal competitions, upscale restaurants, private clubs and a collection of articles written for publication. Furthermore, it has been a great pleasure for him when working with the American Culinary Federation New York Chapter and giving back to the community with fundraising for many excellent causes.




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